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Tire Blocks Run Flat Prevention System-20X11-9



32x10x14, 32x10x15, 18x10x8, 20x6x10, 20x11x9, 21x6x10, 21x7x10, 22x7x10, 22x11x9, 23x7x10, 25x8x12, 25x10x12, 26x9x12, 26x11x12, 27x9x14, 27x11x14, 28x10x14, 29x9x14, 29x11x14, 30x10x14, 30x10x15


    TIREBLOCKS are a special patent-pending insert that prevents flat tires in the harshest and toughest terrain, without adding excessive weight or hassle. Tested over thousands of miles of terrain without air in tires, Tire Blocks out perform the competition’s flat-prevention systems in nearly every way.

  • Allow you to run a lower tire pressure for added traction and better ride.
  • Allow you to ride with a punctured tire and get to a safe place to repair or a pit to change.
  • Doesn’t disfigure or melt in stressful environments.
  • Won’t cause wheels to lose balance at high speeds, so no more harsh vibrations.
  • Listing is Inserts for ONE tire.


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